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The Superhit Blogger ‘Roms’ – The Novemberschild on blogging/discipline/failure and more.

We at Mumbai Matters are happy to feature Romila today. She is young –with a brain aged 40, looks like 23, who is happily surviving her mid 30’s.  You may love her or hate her, but ignoring her is difficult as she’s not only a super hit blogger but she has 4 back to back blockbuster eBooks to her credit (We are her biggest fans), Editor of a lifestyle e-magazine, Writer of few hundred articles-Blogger with decade plus of experience-Poetess and a Columnist. Oh boy, she is famous for her unapologetic humour and sarcasm on Twitter. You can read her published works and make up your own mind. You can get in touch with her on Twitter - @romspeaks. She blogs at -

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls, let us welcome Romila.

     1. How did blogging happen to you? 

Blogging happened out of curiosity. Rediff in the year 2004 had just come out with a free platform for expressing your views and I was in need of an opportunity to write online.

   2. At the initial stage did you think you would reach this stage? What was the reaction of the people when you told them that you are a blogger? Or did you even tell them you are a blogger. 

No! I never thought I would reach this stage. In June 2018 I will step into my 14th year of Blogging. I thought if I survive for 6months it would be a big achievement for me. Hardly anyone knew I was a blogger (I have better exposure now, thank you social media) and I never shared with anyone about my alter ego that of a blogger.

3.     What is your success mantra? 

Read-Write-Read and repeat. Writing is an art which comes only with practise and honest reading. I read a lot and write a lot, this is my success mantra and I would recommend this to everyone who is interested in becoming a blogger-writer.

4.     What were the steps you had taken, to promote your blog? 

I am an active member of the top 3 Indian blogging communities – Blogadda, Indiblogger & Blogchatter, apart from sharing my blog with my few friends based in Australia, UK, Scotland and Ireland. I write in my blog and share links with these communities and networks, they share within their circles which helps a lot in getting traffic to my blog.

5.     According to you which social networking sites give you more traffic? How do you engage with people on social media so as to make your blog popular amongst them? 

I am not on Facebook but I have heard a lot about how it drives traffic but every time I think about turning active there – pictures of wedding, honeymoon, baby shower and romantic couples turn me off immediately as they dominate more than anything professional. I don't know how snapchat and instagram helps in blogging so the only thing which is the best is Twitter. It has helped me as I often share links from my blog of those posts which I feel are worth reading. I am very friendly and I interact a lot with my readers on daily basis. I can say I have a bunch of loyal readers now who not just read my tweets, but my blog posts, articles and much more.

6.     How do you want to improve in the upcoming year? 

The only improvement I wish in the coming years for myself is to monetize my blog fully.

7.     What was your biggest failure and you learnt from it?

My biggest failure was not being able to top my 10th ICSE board examination. I learnt failure makes you yearn for success and it is important to fail. I have tasted failure, I know how it hits you, and it makes your morally low. The best thing is I turned my own light when I was having my dark days. I am a self made person and my failure made me what I am today right now.

8.     How do you manage time for blogging, what are the ingredients you use it, also it takes time to research so how do you do that, what are your research sources? 

My research sources are the books I read. I do read non-sense and trash too as sometimes they give you information which best sellers don’t. I plan and work in advance. Post June I have some prior commitments and I may not be able to blog daily, hence last month I planned and scheduled my posts in the blog from June to October. I know it is a bit impossible to believe but this is how I am. Proper time management is the only ingredient I use in everything I do.

9.     Where do get your inspiration and ideas from to write such awesome blogs? 

I inspire myself. I don't have a role model or idol when it comes to work. I write for myself first and for others later. I am my own competitor. I observe people and my surroundings very carefully and they serve as ideas for me to write about.

10. As a blogger what has been your proudest achievement. 
There have been many WOW moments for me as a blogger, which I can call as my proudest achievement(s).  The first big has been getting a personal note from the author whose book I reviewed in my blog and it was my first attempt as a book blogger ( till now I have reviewed 300 books). I have been part of Airtel 4G campaign, Kinley Water, Pepsi IPL, The Jungle Book movie promotions, Dabur, HSBC, Coca Cola, Pampers, Durex condoms and many more brands as a blogger. I won women blogger award from Jabong. I have survived many blogging challenges which otherwise have been very tough by so many who gave up but I never give up on challenges. I have won ‘proud story teller’ award for my short stories. I won Blogadda’s best Saturday blogger title. The list is actually endless.

Rapid Five 

1. Who do you admire the most? Steve Jobs

2.  If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why? France – Paris to be précis – this place has everything a person like me can think about – History, Art, Architecture, Politics, Romance, Religion, Luxury, Monuments, Food, Shopping, Fashion, Cafes.

3. Describe yourself in 3 words. Diligent-Honest-Reliable

4. What would you do with your “15 minutes” of fame? Get a show on radio about myself as an author-poetess-blogger-writer. I think I have a nice voice so I will be successful in doing a radio show.

5. Describe the perfect kiss in 3 words. Affectionate-intense-wild


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