Thursday, 5 April 2018

Mumbai Diaries

The dazzling city of Mumbai is over and over again compared to New York for the extraordinary pace that the city runs at. As the largest metropolis, the city of dreams stands with open arms for every single soul that looks up to it. Thousands of expatriates flock to Mumbai with a hope of fulfilling their dreams. Such is the splendour of this incredible city that anyone who steps on to this land cannot refuse to accept its bewitching charm. For me, I feel Mumbai for sure has the enchantment of changing everyone’s life.

I often hear people saying that Mumbai never sleeps; that Mumbai is always moving! People are super hard-working and high-spirited people. Their never-say-die attitude is what makes the city so alive and fervent. No matter what time you enter the city, the exhilarating energy that the city sparks out will amaze you in and out.

Mumbai is not only the entertainment hub but also qualifies as the financial capital of India. Day and night, people meticulously work their tails off to strive through the competencies of the city. Though the city is said to be open for each and everyone, it is the survival of the fittest that works for Mumbai. Only the one, who dedicates his life to work, can manage to live his dreams. The backbreaking pace of its daily life pushes you so much so that sometimes it’s even not easy to keep your personal relationships along.

The lithe speed of life in this city often makes you lose your dearest relationships, then why is it that people are crazy about getting a chance to fight back in Mumbai? Perhaps the earnings of the city out-shadow its inadequacies; or perhaps the value of dreams is far bigger than anything in their lives! May be it’s because of the recognition and affection that the city greets its visitors with, that people die to be a part of the city’s sheen and glamour. Reasons may be many but intentions are all the same; to fly up the augmenting height of the city of dreams.
There's dissimilarity to life offered by Mumbai that is so visible and still keeps the city going everyday is just amazing. Take one journey on a local train either on Harbour line or central line and you'll see high rise multi-storey buildings on one side and slums on the other. Some have DTH connection and even AC too.

The city has a fighting spirit I've never seen prior to. Unfazed by the things that brought it to its knees, it has the strength to get right back up and going again. The city of Mumbai has the potential to make you successful provided you're willing to work hard. Full of opportunities to grab and move on in life.

Sometimes when you are low and want to escape the fast pacing Mumbai life, all you need is a stroll along the beaches. You just can’t take the salt out of Bombay’s air, the sea and the beaches! While some might deviate, it still is the safest metro to live in. There’s just no need to look over your shoulder at any hour of the day! Despite the brickbats, burns and much more, the city of Mumbai happily holds about population of 12 million people and still remains to be awe-inspiring. 


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